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Diets & Weight Loss – You are what you eat.

These words hold a lot of weight, especially when you are trying to stick with a preplanned diet. It can be quite challenging to choose which is best with the plethora of foods for weight loss out there. What they all have in common is a limitation of carbohydrates and calories, so your body breaks down the stored fat for energy. They all serve different body types and weight loss plans, and knowing the elementary breakdown of these diets for weight loss can help you decide your go-to one.

keto diet what to eat?

Tricking your body into consuming the stored fats within a few days is the secret of the keto diet. This diet for weight loss includes foods high in protein and fats as opposed to foods high in carbohydrates. Carbohydrate intake must be limited to 20 to 50 grams per day. Fat-laden foods for weight loss include olive oil, avocados, seafood, almonds, walnuts, cheese, and yogurt.

Mediterranean diet 

This integrates a considerable portion of fresh fruits and vegetables, poultry, and grains every meal. You are not just limited to these foods for weight loss because red meat can be assumed occasionally. This diet is preferred by many because of the room of flexibility it provides. Its benefits do not just extend to weight loss, but also prevent heart disease and diabetes.

Other foods for weight loss that can always be integrated into your regular diet include fiber-rich foods such as leafy vegetables and legumes that are full-filling but are low-calorie. Kinds of seafood, eggs, and chia seeds are nutritious foods that replenish your cells while cutting down on your fat and carbs intake.

But weight loss can not come with diet alone. Depending on the number you have in mind of the amount of weight you want to lose, you have to maintain a strict exercise schedule as well to burn off excessive fat.

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